Top Ten Useful Jquery Plugins

23 Oct Top Ten Useful Jquery Plugins

Today in the world of web development jquery has a big role to play because it is an open source language so it can be integrated with any programming language like .net, php, java etc. these jquery sliders and plugins are so useful in web designing to make beautiful websites. some jquery sliders are so incredible that you will love to integrate with your websites.

so if you want to see some best jquery plugins here is the list of top ten useful jquery plugins and api’s to integrate to your website.

  1. Turn.js

Turn.js a jquery plugin that will make your web page content looks like a magazine or a ebook. You can feel like you are reading original book on web. This Jquery plugin is also useful to online book sellers and also e-commerce store owners. You can also create a book shelf using this jquery plugin and put books on that shelf and click it and read it. It will be awesome experience.

magazine like website using jquery plugin

2.Dynamic Grid Layout Jquery Plugin

Want to make your website look a like Here is the solution Blocksit.js. this plugin is also known as Dynamic grid layout jquery plugin. Blockit.js jquery plugin will reposition html elements using css absolute solution property and this jquery capable of calculate top and left positions for element based on certain criteria.


3.Page scroller

Page Scroller jquery plugin used to create scroll path for content on web page. Jquery scroll path plugin uses canvas flavoured syntax to create arcs and lines on a web page. Here you can see a quick demo of it.


4.Percentage Loader

Hey want to make your progress bar more interactive then this jquery will help you to create beautiful progress bar. You can also load multiple percentage loaders simultaneously. You can also use this percentage loader as a controller like in iphone. Here you can see the demo.


5. Noty.js

Noty, A Jquery Plugin that is used to create alert, confirmation, error, warning, success and information type messages. Using this plugin you can create awesome alert boxes. It’s best feature is you can put this alert boxes on any direction of web browser window like you can put it to centre left, centre right, centre, top left, top centre etc. you can also customize text, animation, button and speed.


6. Ideal Forms

Bored with the old html elements validations? Want to create awesome jquery validations then you can try this Ideal form jquery plugin. You can validate textbox, radiobuttons, dropdownlists, checkboxes and file upload controls using this plugin. Ideal Forms are used to build and validate HTML forms. You can checkout the demo here.

validate html elements using jquery

7. Ajax Paypal Cart

Ajax Paypal cart a shopping cart developed using jquery and ajax. It’s main feature that it supports paypal integration. This jquery plugin is very useful to developers who want to develop shopping carts. This plugin also provides themes and it can be customizable using cascading stylesheets.


8. Flippy Effect

Want to filp the box on your web page this jquery plugin can be useful for that. Using This plugin you can flip any html element. You can also change it’s direction, speed of flip, depth. This Plugin is easy to integrate and cross browser compatible.


9.Reveal Modal Plugin

This plugin is used to Display the popup interactively. Don’t worry this Jquery Plugin is Easy to Implement and also it is cross browser compatible. You can edit and change the css to make more beautiful modal popup. You can see the instruction on their website and attach it and make your site more beautiful.


10. FitText

Fit the Text on web page as per resolution of the screen. It only used for large texts that are uncomfortable with small screens. This Jquery plugin changes the font sizes as per the resolution of screen. So that you can see more mobile friendly, tablet friendly websites.


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