Top Ten Tools To Get Most out of Twitter for your Business

06 Apr Top Ten Tools To Get Most out of Twitter for your Business

There are a lot of businesses on Twitter, and part of that is because a lot of influencers exist on Twitter and it is a good idea to bribe them every now and again to send some followers the way of the business. There is also a small chance that the company itself may influence people on the social media network, and since posting on there is free it seems a shame to turn down the opportunity. Here are ten tools you can use to get the most out of your Twitter account for business.

1. Buffer

This tool acts as a buffer between you and Twitter. You enter your posts into the tool and then tell it when to upload them to Twitter account. This helps you plan a very long way in advance. It also helps you post at times when you may not be around to do it manually. You are able to post at times that are very popular and full of high traffic, and you can do it repeatedly without any need to do it manually. You can cultivate relationships online without even needing to be consciously present at the time.

2. Triberr

This is about having a tribe of people on your side on Twitter. You get an invite if you have a lot of followers. It puts you into groups where your communications will have more impact, and if they have more impact then you may excerpt more influence over people.

3. Hootsuite

This is the most popular tool on this list. It allows you to post to a number of Twitter accounts with just one tool. You can engage with other people using the tool a retweeting is very easy. It allows you to plan and post your tweets very easily and it makes using Twitter very easy too.

4. Social Oomph

Keep updating your Twitter account with new tweets and this tool will help to keep your Twitter content moving throughout the Twitter website. It helps to stop your content being boring if you mix up what you put into the tool.


This is a tool that allows you to manage your tweets and curate your tweets so that you can read them more easily and even create your responses at a later date. It is handy if you have higher profile followers or influencers that you are trying to win over to your side. It collects together tweets and even indicates if some have come from preferred people. You may even show a brand your gratitude by following them so closely.

6. Argyle Social

This is a tool that helps you develop business to business relationships with other business persons on Twitter. You can create campaign codes and track your sign up numbers via this tool. It is handy for businesses.

7. TweetAdder

You want to build a website and a social media profile that attracts a certain section of the audience so that you may sell your products or ideas to them. This is a tool that helps you get more targeted followers and filter your followers via keywords.

8. Tweetdeck

This tool helps you to engage with current customers and people on Twitter and you may use it to create groups which you may exploit. It is a highly popular Twitter tool that you should try. It allows you to monitor search terms and hashtags.

9. Social Mention

This tool allows you to see what people are tweeting about. It tells you if your company or your products are being talked about on Twitter. You can program it with certain keywords that you think are relevant such as your company name. How much you are mentioned is shown via the tool. You are given a way to see if you are being mentioned in a positive or negative context, though doing the judging is up to you as the tool has no way of understanding the context in which you are being talked/written about on Twitter.

10. Topsy

You can research your customers on Twitter by using this tool. It is a research tool that allows you to figure out what people are talking about. It also helps you to optimize a few of your landing pages by using the results, and it gives you historic data in a way that allows you to compare current tweeting with past twittering.



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