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13 Oct Top Ten Social Networking Sites

List of Top Ten Social Networking Sites


A website that changes the language of social networking Sites. It was founded in 2004 by mark zuckerburg. After 8 years It becomes the no 1 social networking site in the world. Facebook has more than 600 Million users. Average user of facebook has 130 friends. Average user of facebook is connected to 80 facebook pages, groups and events. Three million websites are integrated with facebook. 300 million users accessing facebook using mobile.

Number One Social Site


Twitter Follow The World. Twitter has now more than 15 crore users. It has 200 million unique visits per day. Twitter is mostly used to follow people and celebrities . Twitter has official certified celebrity pages. People on twitter follow their favourite celebrities.

Twitter Tweet The World 3., A Social networking site for job professionals. It can be called professional network more than social network. In this site you can make your company’s job network. You can create connections with your friends and grow your network.

Be job ready on linkedin

4., A Social Website that provides you to pin the images & Videos that you like us on web. It has the largest image library I have ever seen. If you like any images or videos via surfing the web and you would like that image or video to share with the world just pin it to pinterest.

Like it Pin It on Pinterst

5. Google Plus

Google Plus, You can be say a new version of orkut. It has various features like Circles, Add Your friends to your circles. Google Hangouts, Plan to Hangout with friends and When you like anything on web plus it and It will be Sparked on google plus. Huddle is a used for group chatting with many friends but it can used when you have an android phone.

A Social Network from Google

6. a social network that have bulletin boards for display friend’s lists. it has groups feature that allowed myspace users to share a page & message board. Myspace TV it’s used for share videos. Myspace news displays news from Rss Feeds.

Create Your Space at


Badoo a networking sites for web users who want to make friends online and want to find dates. It’s very popular in us youngsters for dating, chatting and social networking. You can also find your nearby friends using badoo. You can search nearby filters like gender, age and city. You can block badoo members that you don’t want. It has encounters feature like wayn for YES to see potential for new friends and no for those friends don’t want.

Badoo A Social Network for online chatting, dating and flirting


This website is for art lovers. This social networking site is a community of artists. In this website you can find collection of digital art, wallpaper art, skin art, photo arts.

Deviantart a network for art lovers


Livejournal, it’s a Russian social network site owned by SUP Media. Using this site you can also post voice posts on your journal but it’s only for paid users. Every journal entry has it’s own web page containing comments from LJ users. Every user has it’s own journal book which shows user’s latest entries.

LiverJournal Russian social networking site


On Tagged you can personalize your page. You can select from 21 free themes. You can play online games on this site with your friends and meet new people. You can share your interests and your passion and hobbies with others.

Are you tagged on

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