Top Ten SEO Analysis Tools for SEO Workers

16 Nov Top Ten SEO Analysis Tools for SEO Workers

Here are a few SEO analysis tools that you can try when you are working on your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of the tools are really for the hotshots who have the money to spend on their SEO, but most may be used by web masters or bloggers in order to improve their SEO.

1. Traffic Travis

This is an application that you can use on your desktop computer. It has a set of SEO tools that you may use to improve the search engine ranking of your website. It helps to identify different pieces of information, including your PageRank and other such details that are important to your websites SEO. It hosts a nice suite of SEO tools for your use.

2. WooRank

This is a great little tool that will rank your website as you use it. It ranks it on the parameters that it thinks are important. How good or redundant this makes the tool now that the hummingbird update has arrived is still a mystery, but for all we know, this tool could end up replacing the Google PageRank tools when the PageRank algorithm is retired. You may create a single free report per week if you do not want to pay the charges to use the tool.

3. Webgnomes

This is a free SEO analysis tool that you can use to mine information about your website. It is good for setting up and even going through your full SEO website audit.

4. Lipperhey

With this tool you may mine a lot of information that you will then find useful when planning your next SEO campaign. It gives you a summery view of your current SEO status and of the factors that it thinks are important. It gives you a score on how well you are doing, but also has scores for popularity and how well you are running the technical (programmatic) side of your website.

5. SEO Workers

This tool is a useful tool that will evaluate your website pages and check them to see if they are optimized correctly. It will check them for on-page SEO factors. If it finds any that are missing, incomplete or just plain bad, then it will tell you via its reports. It breaks the reports down into sections to help you see where you are doing well and where you need improvement.

6. Seoptimer

This tool will investigate your SEO on your page and analyze your SEO to see which actions need to be taken and tell you what it thinks you are doing wrong. It is then up to you to remedy the situation.

7. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

This is a tool that grades how well it thinks your marketing is. It is supposed to rank how popular you are. It uses its own ranking factors, which may be of little use to you, or it may be a great help. The best thing to do is use this tool and others and then take an average. Take note if this tool starts indicating things that your other tools do not. It may make this tool very valuable to you.

8. SpyderMate

This is a service that you are going to have to pay a tidy sum for. But, it does have a free trial that you can give a go first. It is a tool that will analyze your website for you and give you a relevant score on how you are doing. This is good for maintaining your website SEO. It also has an SEO audit tool, which is very good for when it comes to SEO audit time and you want to get under the skin of your own SEO campaign.

9. DIYSEO SEO Report Card

You can use this tool for free if you wish. It will grade your website for you to tell you how good your SEO is. It will then present what it finds to you in the form of a report card. It is good for the casual user who looks at his or her website SEO on a weekly basis, but who also does not need to be muddied with too many details or options.

10. SiteTrail

This is a tool that is free to use and it allows you to analyze your website in one big go. It does it all in one and then gives you a rating on how good your SEO is on your site. It pulls data from different sources in order to make the analysis a little fairer and more even handed. It presents you with a search engine optimization report that summarizes what it has found.



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