Top Ten Search Engine’s on the Web

07 Oct Top Ten Search Engine’s on the Web

Search Engine’s Probably the best thing invented on the web. Without search engine may be internet couldn’t more powerful.Search engines like google, yahoo, bing are provides the people that what they are searching for. So to make your search better and faster, we made the list of best search engines on web that helps you to search better. Here we feature the list of top ten search engine’s in the world.

1. Google

Google, People who knows computer & internet word is definitely knows the google word.

Google is daily need for web developers and designers and SEO workers. Without Google We Can’t assume the web today.

Google A Daily Need

2. Yahoo

Yahoo, It’s a first very popular search engine of the world.

When Yahoo is started in 1994 it is a website submission directory than it will converted to search engine.

Yahoo Search Engine

3. Bing

Bing, A Search Engine that finds your search better. It Provides more Reliable Answers so that you can make more informed Decisions.

Bing is a official search engine from Microsoft founded in 2009.

Bing Search Better

4. Ask.Com

Ask.Com, A answering machine for the people on the web. It is originally known as ask jeeves. It also runs its question answering service on the web.

Ask anything

5., A Web Search engine, uses information from crowd sourced websites such as Wikipedia to augment the traditional results.

DuckDuckGO A Web Search Engine

6. DogPile.Com

DogPile.Com is a search engine that fetches the result from yandex, goole, bing & yahoo.

DogPile Website Search Engine

7. Excite.Com

Excite.Com is a Collection of websites. Excite is an online service that provides various content from multiple sites. It’s internet portal showing News, Weather etc

Excite Collection of websites

8. EntireWeb.Com

EntireWeb.Com is a website search engine that provides the list of websites that you are looking. You can submit a site to and you can promote their products too.

EntireWeb 2012

9. GigaBlast.Com

GigaBlast.Com is a small independent search engine. is used as a backend search device for many websites.

Gigablast search green

10., A Search Engine Founded in 2000. It’s popular for because of its link popularity algorithm, after it acquired by





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