Top Ten Project Management Tools

13 May Top Ten Project Management Tools

Project management tools offer an online and offline solution to completing projects that involve one or more people. They are often used for planning and tracking, and may often be used as a stand-alone system. It means not having to hire a tech person to keep a system in check. Most of the tools on this article are easy enough for a company of reasonably tech savvy people to understand, which also makes training people on the tools a little easier too.

1. BaseCamp

The interface is nothing short of good looking, and they have made it easy to maintain. This means you do not need to hire other people to maintain the system, as you yourself may maintain it and keep a check on your staff. They like to call attention to just how many projects their tool has helped to create. There is also a sixty-day trial you can try.

2. Assembla

This is a handy project management tool because it allows you to manage your website development and app development as well as other more varied projects. It allows a lot of people to collaborate on just one project with ease. There are plenty of tools, including ones that allow you to manage tasks, have discussions, track progress and document what you are doing. There is also a bug-checking tool you can use.

3. RedBooth

This tool makes the bold claim that it can increase your productivity by 40%, which is probably true if you do not already have a project management tool in place. It helps to put numerous project factors onto just one platform. It also keeps the group together and up to date on what is happening with the current project. It can make your whole team more productive.

4. TeamWork

They offer a project management tool that takes a lot of the stress out of managing a project. In a way, it means a boss need not ask for frequent and annoying status updates. The staff simply enter their progress as they go. That way the ones that are not entering progress are the ones that probably need the most attention. There are some good native apps you may use too.

5. TeamLab

This is a tool that uses the Internet to connect staff. If you are worried about security then you can use the tool on your own servers instead of on the project management tool servers. It is a cost effective tool because it costs less than some of the bigger programs. You may try it for 45 days before having to make a payment. You can bring a group together so as to get your work done a little faster.

6. Clarizen

It is a project management tool that is very “up” on integrating its program into just about every device you have. The main goal is to allow you to plan and track your projects in order to increase productivity.

7. Leankit

Take the product tour to see which is going to suit you best. It is good that they have split the service so that it is easier to pick what you want without paying for tools and functions that you are not going to use. It is also easy to integrate the system into your current business paradigm, and it will not take too much training to get your staff up to speed.

8. AceProject

You can track most things regarding your project, from who is working on it, how well they are doing, to how much it is costing you. They offer a demo of how it works, and there are mobile device options you can use.

9. ActiveCollab

If you look at the screenshots and the video of the tool, then you will see how the tool works. The tool is pretty self-explanatory, so that when you are set up it just gets easier. You can see how your staff are communicating, your staff can see what needs to be done and what tasks have been delegated and tracking progress may be done with visualizations too.

10. AtTask

This is a project management tool that has gone out of its way to be user friendly. It has a number of tools, including social tools so that you staff may stay in contact. It allows you to extend your working process beyond the norm and deliver your tasks more efficiently. It allows you to switch from older project management procedures .



  • Diana
    Posted at 08:12h, 22 May Reply

    Great Post. I would like to add Proofhub in your list. Proofhub is another great project management tool. It offers tools for scheduling, workflow management, online proofing and review, time tracking & collaboration. Check out

  • Alex
    Posted at 07:49h, 11 July Reply

    Basecamp are just rocking, as usual)) Their site is so cool!
    I’d also suggest looking at Easy Projects, it has great flexibility and all the necessary features, but it’s not that known just yet, that’s if you’re ever looking for new things.

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