Top Ten Blogging Sites on Web

17 Dec Top Ten Blogging Sites on Web

A most important thing you need to consider when you want to start blogging is to choose the best suitable blogging platform for your blog. Choosing the best blogging platform for your blog will make an awesome product for you and your visitors. So always wisely choose the blogging platform or in these thing we might help you because we produce by researching on web some of popular blogging platforms to produce your blog and make you a successful blogger.

Here is the List of Top Ten Blogging Websites on Web to Create your new Blog.

1., A Free Weblog Publishing platform from google. if you want to create a new blog for you then this platform will be best suitable to you. if you don’t know how to create a website so you can create your blog and share text, images and videos on your blog. You can also add google adsense to your blog can earn some amount of dollars using your blog but condition is that your blog is good at ranking and you applied for google adsense. With you can easily customize your blog you can add beautiful themes to blog, integrate plugins to blog. a Blog

2., a most powerful content management system and blogging community in the world. No dought wordpress is the best CMS in the world but it is also one of the most powerful blogging community site in the world.Wordpress make your blog more Design Friendly, more SEO Friendly. If you want to attractive designing blog then wordpress is best option for you. find free or paid themes from lots of wordpress themes, just integrate to your blog, write your thoughts on post, make a post and wooohhhh……. Your blog is Ready. make your wordpress blog

3., A new and large world of creators means for those who are passionate to blogging. Those who are love to blog and want to make awesome blog then this option will be right for you. on Tumblr, you can find and read blogs on different different categories like Games, Art, Elections, Sports etc. Blogger Platform

4., it’s a blogging platform where you can create a beautiful blog using your knowledge. You can also earn on squidoo by collecting lens from your blog. You can collect lenses by making your blog popular and get more traffic. So on Squidoo you can write articles and earn money. So if you like to Work From Home then Squidoo blogging is the best option for you. using Squidoo

5., a also write and earn blogging site. on this site you can easily create and write and publish your blog. Attract readers to your blog and be popular on web and also earn via getting traffic to your blog. So if you love to write and wanna earn money through blogging just sign up on hubpages and post your thoughts and earn from home. made easy

6. it’s mostly used for create awesome websites but it’s also used for blogging. this website has a lots of beautiful themes to integrate to your blog. this website is also provides mobile friendly blogs means you can easily view and read your blog on mobile or tablet. weebly is a drag and drop blog builder so you just have to drag and drop to create a beautiful blog and weebly has a lots of multimedia functionalities like beautiful photo galleries, slideshows, video library etc.So just signup and create a beautifully designed blog.

Weebly-Blog With

7. another classic blog creator website now acquired by twitter. You can share your blog to this website. Blogs created with are mobile friendly and SEO friendly so you have not much to do for mobile and seo. You can also assign the permissions for the blog means you can made your blog for public or only for friends. if you share anything on posterous it will automatically resizes and optimizes your images and videos. So Posterous has some awesome features like awesome themes, mobile and seo friendly themes, easily manage and customize multiple spaces, easily optimizing for your blog and more. if you want to create your blog with these type of features then this site is best suitable for you. so don’t wait and just create your blog at More Work less

8. a mostly it’s a social network website but also used as a blogging platform to write articles. on Livejournal you can write blogs and share it with your livejournal friends and communities on livejournal. Because of livejournal is a social network so you can easily find blogs from livejournal users on various subjects like science, technology, gadgets, information technology, shopping etc. with Livejournal

9. as the name suggest it’s only made for bloggers. More than 2 million bloggers blog using This website has a lots of features like blog stats, domain automatic redirection, use your own favicon, lots of beautiful themes, integrate lots of widgets, multi-author blogs, post from your mobile and more. So if you need blog with these features register with the's your story

10., A best way to share your content. It displays your content so powerfully and beautifully that you will love it.This is a perfect website used for blogging, portfolio, business, events and also travel. Using its Slideshows you can easily share your images and display your content beautifully. So create and share articles using jux and become more popular on web. way to share your content

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